Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Top 10 of 2014

2014 was an amazing year for film. I remember at the end of 2013, I said to myself there is no way 2014 will be as good as 2013. Well I was wrong ;).
The only 2014 I need to see still is Mommy, so this list could possibly be updated once I see that. Anyway, without further adieu here is my Top 10 of 2014: 

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel
2. Birdman
3. Interstellar
4. Gone Girl
5. Guardians of the Galaxy 
6. Boyhood
7. Nightcrawler
8. Whiplash
9. Under the Skin
10. The Raid 2

Honorable mentions that just missed my top 10:
Inherent Vice
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
X-Men: Days of Future Past
The Guest

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