Monday, January 12, 2015

Boyhood (2014) Movie Review

While Boyhood didn't impact me as much as I'd hoped; there's no denying that this film is an incredible cinematic achievement. Most everyone who's heard about this movie, knows that it took 12 years to film/make. How can you not be impressed with a movie that was in the making for 12 years with all the same actors? Not to mention all these individuals were making and staring in other films. To me, that's just mind blowing.
Don't get me wrong I loved this movie, but I wouldn't call it a personal favorite. I was never bored or uninterested during the film, it just wasn't as eventful as I had imagined. It's pretty basic to be quite honest, aside from some family issues that arose. Which all in all really isn't a problem because my life growing up was even more basic. I never had to deal with divorce, having a parent remarry, or switching schools because of a move.
What I really loved about this film is the memories that came to me while I was watching. Certain things would happened that made me think back to the which would put a huge smile on my face. I am 2 years older than the boy (Mason), so I was really able to compare my life experiences with a lot of the stuff he experienced. The nostalgia factor was really off the charts. This movie is also surprisingly hilarious at times.
Another highlight of the film was the conversations and the dialogue between actors. There were some truly amazing conversations that took place. I also thought the acting was great from everyone. The performances were so true and sincere.
My absolute favorite part of the film was the ending and it's message, which I will not spoil :). The mixture of the ending message, reflecting on the movie, and also reflecting on your whole life is some really special stuff.
Rating: 5/5

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