Friday, January 16, 2015

American Sniper (2014) Review

American Sniper is a well directed engaging war drama filled with some very impressive set-pieces. Bradley Cooper once again shows us why he is one of the best working actors in the industry today. Do I think he should win the Oscar for his performance? No, I do not. Do I think he deserved to be nominated? Yes, I do. Cooper really embraced this role and he did a fantastic job doing so.

Clint Eastwood does a great job at the helm. He is able to show us the life of a very flawed and conflicted man. The film itself is put together very nicely. Everything looks great and it flows pretty well for the most part. My biggest complaint is that it is somewhat slow at parts. However, I was never disinterested or bored at any point. The film is definitely quite engaging. 
Going in, I knew absolutely nothing about this military sniper. I hadn't even heard of him until I heard about this film a few months ago. Even at that I knew nothing but this man's name going into the film. So you could say I went in blind. War puts a huge toll on anyone involved and the film shows us just that. Whether you view the man Chris Kyle as a hero or not, that's totally up to you. In my opinion the movie doesn't take either side. I found it to be quite neutral and in the end it allows you to decide for yourself what you think of him. The purpose of this film was to tell us the story of Chris Kyle and in my eyes the American Sniper did just that.
Rating: 4/5

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